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ELISA is adsorbed antigen or antibody on the surface of the solid phase carrier and enzyme labeled antigen antibody reaction on the surface of the solid phase technology. This technology can be used in detection of macromolecular antigen and specific antibody, carrier has rapid, sensitive, simple, easy to standardization, etc.

1、 clinical application and research direction:

a) clinical application and research direction;

b)protein tumor markers, hormones and cytokines detection;

c)the peptide hormone detection;

d)in the blood medications such as digoxin, theophylline and gentamicin concentration detection.

2、Technical parameters:

a) Sensitivity: on the cell or subcellular level in parts of the tracer antigen or antibody, or antigen or antibody on ng even pg level quantitatively;

b) specificity: antigen antibody in the chemical structures and spatial configurations of the two are complementary relationship, antigen-antibody reaction with high specificity;

c) precision: group of CV within 15-20%;

d) linear range: 10 pg/ml - 1000 pg/ml.

Protein spectrum precise detection platform:

Using the encoded microsphere technology on the immune, neurodegenerative, tumor, cardiovascular disease such as protein factor, cell factor related targets more high flux of qualitative and quantitative analysis, multidimensional comprehensive auxiliary diagnosis to related diseases.


Analysis and Standard curves of ELISA and xMAP assay

1、clinical application and research direction:

a)early screening of the tumor and tumor metastasis detection of multiple target protein factors;

b)immune disease cytokines detection;

c)neurodegenerative disease biomarker detection;

d)cardiovascular disease biomarker detection;

e)metabolic and endocrine disease cell factor, protein factor detection, etc.

2、Technical parameters:

a)high flux, high speed, but at the same time, a large number of biological detection, only 10 to 20 mu 1 L sample size can detect as many as 100 indicators, test the fastest can be up to 30 minutes to complete 10000 analysis of data

b) detection range: 0.2-3200 pg/ml;

c) repeatability: the homogeneous reaction model class, each index of 1000-5000 reaction unit, analysis take an average of 100 times;

d) high accuracy: with ELISA and mass spectrum analysis has a strong consistency, detection range of 3.5-6 orders of magnitude;

e) less reagent dosage, can effectively reduce the cost of clinical application.

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