Early screening of tumors

Product profile

Tumor (ultra) early screening is based on changes in the body's tumor related cells, genes, protein information, to assess the risk of some of the tumors may occur, thus early detection, timely intervention treatment。

The world health organization (who) statistics show: cancer patients if found early, timely preventive treatment, the cure rate is 90%;

  • Incubation period detect cancer or precancerous condition, early detection, early treatment
  • Check out the patients have cancer, prompt risky positions, treatment as soon as possible
  • For cancer patients, suggesting the risk of recurrence
  • Have a family history of cancer or have a genetic predisposition
  • Patients with suspected tumor
  • With chronic inflammation of the crowd
  • High-risk occupations
  • Rehabilitation of cancer patients
  • Healthy people aged 45 (routine detection)

detection period5-7 working days

Product advantage

only take patients peripheral blood can be detected~~
For low levels of circulating tumor cells and circuating tumor DNA has a good detection rate~~
findings information changes earlier than tumor imaging~~
according to the demand from gene level cell level and protein level commper hensive assessment of risk~~

Test program

Early screening of tumor Test content Focus the application of departments
  • Circulating tumor DNA testing
  • Detect circulating tumor cells
  • Early indicators of the tumor and risk model integrated testing Plus (CDA)
  • The genetic level: detect 65 hot spot mutations of 11 genes one-time closely related to tumor development
  • Cellular level: detection of peripheral blood presence of circulating tumor cells (at the tumor tissue was 0.5 mm can detect circulating tumor cells), far earlier than imaging (3 mm)
  • Protein level detection of more than 20 kinds of tumor protein/polysaccharide markers and cell lines the development of malignant tumors to assist the judge
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