Tumor prognosis molecular detection

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Molecular detection of tumor prognosis is mainly based on the tumor related genetic status, assessment of prognosis of patients with different cancer risk, including the invasion, recurrence or metastasis progression free survival and overall survival, thus making intervention and individualized therapy.

Product advantage

NCCN guidelines recommend the detection of breast cancer and rectal cancer by testing 21 breast cancer genes and microsatellite instability
Using advanced multi omics platforms
According to the needs, the most targeted genes were detected for different cancer types.
Provide professional advice for patients according to the results

detection items

Tumor prognosis assessment test content Sample type test period
Breast cancer recurrence risk assessment and medication guidance 21 gene detection Surgical specimen / wax block 5 working days
Glioma prognosis IDH1/IDH2 genes mutation Surgical specimen / wax block 5 working days
Glioma PCV prognosis Detection of 12 loci in 1P/19Q-LOHH Blood / Surgical specimen /puncture samples / waxes 5 working days
Colorectal cancer prognosis Microsatellite instability detection Blood +(Surgical specimen /puncture samples / waxes) 7 working days
Prognosis of tumor biotherapy (PD-L1 gene) PD-L1 gene expression Blood +(Surgical specimen /puncture samples / waxes/ Hydrothorax) 5 working days
Prognosis of thyroid carcinoma Braf V600t gene mutation urgical specimen /puncture samples / waxes/ Hydrothorax 5 working days

Clinical guidelines

etection of colorectal cancer: 2016 NCCN guideline for colorectal cancer

All Stage II patients should be treated with MMR or MSI.The prognosis of patients with MSI-H is good and they could not have benefited from 5-FU chemotherapy.

Long-term follow-up of patients with stage 11/111 colon cancer found:

MSI-L or MSS 5-FU adjuvant chemotherapy has a survival benefit;

MSI-H can not benefit from postoperative 5-FU adjuvant chemotherapy, compared with surgery alone.5-year survival rate but lower.

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