Real time monitoring of tumor burden

Product profile

Real time monitoring of tumor burden: it can be detected with the circulating tumor cells (CTC) and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to evaluate the efficacy of surgical treatment, the efficacy of drug therapy, and the risk of tumor metastasis and recurrence in peripheral blood of patients.

For the crowd patients undergoing surgery
patients with chemotherapy and targeted therapy
Metastatic patients
Tumor rehabilitation patients
Applicable Department Tumor surgery, Department of general surgery, Department of Gastroenterology, Department of respiration, chest surgery, Gastroenterology, a dairy Department of cardiothoracic surgery, etc.
test period 5-7 working days

Product advantage

It can be detected Only by extracting the patient's peripheral blood
Monitoring the progress of tumor in real time without the restriction of sampling conditions
It was earlier than that of imaging to detect the change of tumor information
of to analysis the number of cells, characteristics and single cell sequencing analysis, gene copy number changes and other multivariate According to the needs

Classic case

Analysis of circulating tumor DNA to monitor metastatic breast cancer.

Sarah-Dawson,et,al.the New England Journal of Medcine.2013;368:1199-1209(Impact factor 54.42)

his study selected 52 cases of patients with metastatic breast cancer, molecular markers by monitoring related, such as circulating tumor cells, circulating tumor DNA, CA15-3 to obtain the tumor to treatment response situation.

Research result

CtDNA (sensitivity 97%) was detected in the plasma of the 29 patients by using the digital PCR technique in the presence of tumor cells in the presence of mutations in 30 patients. The sensitivity of CTC and CA15-3 were 87% and 78% respectively.

CtDNA is used for tumor load detection, which has a wider range of use and higher tumor burden compared to CTC and CA15-3

CtDNA has higher sensitivity and specificity in real-time monitoring of metastatic breast cancer.

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