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  • More Accurate

    Test combined with cell, DNA and protein levels

  • Super early

    Super early find the tumor 5-10years in advance

  • Non-invasive

    no trauma
    no radiation. Only need to extract peripheral blood

  • Comprehensive detection

    information of whole genome for 30,000 genes and 3 billion loci. Worldwide well-known public genome databases,providing
    Personalized body instructions

  • Precise intervention

    Mutations of 200 hereditary diseases, risk of 106 diseases, efficacy evaluation of 96 Drug, 63 characteristics of Individual genetic

  • Health Promotion

    personalized health management , professionalreport consulting, Genome databases are updated according to the latest scientific achievements.

Detection  Case

Angelina Jolie's Choice

Angelina Jolie, the famous American movie star, found that she carrys defective gene, BRCA1, through genetic hereditary breast cancer & ovarian cancer syndrome genetic testing. Genetic counselor assess that Jolie's risks of breast cancer and ovarian cancer was 87% and 50%. So she select the surgical prevention to reduce the risk of breast cancer to less than 5% and then through surgery reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer.

Biotecan Case

In 2015, a patient found the blood tumor cell content was 11 cells in 7.5ml blood after CTC screening which suggesting that there may be tumor tissue in body. Combined with ctDNA and CDA Plus results, EGFR gene mutation was found and CDA8 value, 92.7, exceeds the reference value, all the results indicate lung cancer in vivo. After imaging confirmation, there is shadow and fibrosis by the lungs and fibrosis in lung. After surgery and chemotherapy patient recovered well.

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